The Best Laptop Brands For 2021

Published on 02/17/2021

Are you looking to purchase a new laptop, but unsure about which brand to go for? We at Tipalace totally understand how frustrating and somewhat overwhelming it can be. Depending on your needs will depend on the type of laptop you will need. Is it for home use or more geared for the office? The best place to start is by looking at reviews and how trusted each laptop brand is. But no matter what a good laptop is always a necessity these days. To help you out a bit, we’ve created a list to assist with your decision-making. You’ll soon be able to narrow down your options and choose the best and most ergonomic laptop. So, keep reading to see which are the best laptops for 2021.

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The Best Laptop Brands For 2021


Although HP laptops have many other tough competitors in their field, they are still considered to be of much better value compared to their counterparts. HP makes both desktops and laptops of all types to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. However, they seem to be more popular for the everyday consumer who is looking for dependability, good power, and performance as well as good value for money.


Lenovo has a well-earned reputation as one of the very best productivity laptops. Not only do they have a huge selection of products but their main focus is on long battery life and extremely user-friendly. Lenovo products range from entry-level to premium for both home and office use. And they all cover a wide spectrum of prices, and generally speaking they are very affordable. Over the past several years, Lenovo’s Thinkpad has been the most popular product by far.


Dell has been voted as one of the best laptop brands for 2021. Not only do they have a broad selection of high-quality machines but their products have a decent amount of memory, great storage options, and excellent long battery life. These are just some of the many reasons why Dell is becoming so increasingly popular. No matter what your preference and desires are for a laptop, Dell has the product just for you! Plus one of the biggest advantages about choosing Dell is that if you buy directly from them you can customize it exactly how you want your laptop to be. Despite them being a bit pricier compared to the other laptops on the list, it’s really a dependable computer that you’ll really enjoy.


For a lot of people, Apple is more than just a brand – it’s a way of life. Everywhere you turn you see a variety of Apple products, from iPhones to iPads, and Apple Watches, it seems as though this massive company is taking over the tech world. One of their exceptional products is indeed their laptops and desktops. Not only do they have amazing, trendsetting designs, stunning displays, and of course easy functionality which is why it is one of the top-rated laptop brands for a few years running.  Most people can agree that the high-quality Apple is undoubtedly the laptop of choice for 2021. They do tend to be a little more expensive than their Windows counterparts, but many people still prefer paying a bit extra for a top-notch laptop.