The Perfect Homemade Pink Lemonade Recipe

Published on 09/06/2020

Looking to make the perfect summer drink? Whether you’re hosting a girl’s weekend, a birthday party, a baby shower, or a relaxing bachelorette party – we have the ideal zesty drink just for you! Pink Lemonade is often one of the most underrated energizing beverages. Not only is it full of fresh, fruity summer flavors but it is easier to make than you think. And lets no forget oh so refreshing. You can serve it with regular water or sparkling water- whatever tickles your fancy.  It roughly takes 20 short minutes to prepare, you can either make it ahead of time a freeze it or on the day of your celebrations. Take a look at this simple, step-by-step homemade Pink Lemonade recipe that is beyond enjoyable, especially for all those who love PINK drinks! Feel free to get creative and go wild, there are no limits when it comes to making a quintessential summer drink

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The Perfect Homemade Pink Lemonade Recipe


1 cup of granulated sugar
3/4 cup of water
1/3 cup of lemon zest (approximately 2 lemons)
1 cup of freshly squeezes lemon juice
2 cups of club soda
1/2 cup of fresh strawberry puree
1/2 cup of fresh raspberry puree


Firstly, take a medium saucepan and over a medium to high heat, add the water and sugar. Then bring it down to a simmer and whisk it together until the sugar is completely liquified. Next, add all the lemon zest, continue lightly simmering it for 5 minutes. Set aside for it to slightly cool. After that, place a fine-mesh strainer over a pitcher. Gently pour the lemon mixture through the sieve into the pitcher, followed by the lemon juice and raspberry + strawberry puree. Use a spatial to stir all the liquids together. Then, place it in the refrigerator until its completely cold. Once that is done, now it is ready to serve. Add club soda and ice cubs and enjoy. You can garnish the glasses with a variety of different sliced fruits, lemon slices, or even a touch of mint.

Tips & Tricks

– Choose The Best Lemons – this is the most important ingredient. So make sure you get the best of the best lemons, they should be firm but not too hard. Check that the skin is bright yellow but not wrinkling. It’s also essential to give them a good squeeze just before you use them, this will give you all the juice you need.
– Get Creative With Your Fruit – you can use a combination of strawberries and raspberries or you can use one or the other. However, there are so many options that will allow you to develop your own concoction – you do not have to follow the recipe exactly. Some other fruits include grapefruit or watermelon. The idea is just to keep the entire theme ‘pink’. This is one of the easier recipes where you can make your own rules.
-Leftovers? If you have any leftovers of the lemonade, why not pour it into an ice tray or popsicle mold and freeze them. You can use them to flavor your club or soda or enjoy the popsicle as a fishing treat.