7 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Published on 02/13/2022

Who doesn’t want to live a healthy, long, and fulfilling life? But what is actually behind it? Is there a secret or a secret recipe? Personal lifestyle contributes a lot to our health. Read below what you can do yourself to lead a long life with health and quality of life. Here are our top tips for living a long, healthy life!

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7 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Right Nutrition

As most would probably expect, number one is healthy eating. Nothing is more important to maintain the health of the body. A healthy diet includes at least 5 portions of fruit per day, preferably in a variety of colors! Meat in moderation and not masses, little fat and low-fat dairy products are just as much a part of it as lots of vegetable carbohydrates and legumes. The immune system is strengthened, and all vital functions are supported!

Lots Of Drinking

The source of life: water. Water is the main component of blood and is needed for blood to flow properly throughout the body. Water is also a very significant part of the body cells. A body with too little fluid intake is poorly supplied, the ability to concentrate and brainpower decreases. About 2-3 liters of liquid daily are recommended, preferably in the form of mineral water, fruit spritzers or herbal teas.


Regular exercise has a major impact on general well-being and brings body and soul into inner balance. Sport brings the body into high gear and helps to strengthen the body’s own defenses. Stress symptoms can be reduced and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis can be prevented! Exercise also has a positive impact on brain performance. Diseases can be prevented by gently moving the body about 5-7 times a week.

Sunlight And Fresh Air

You should go out into the fresh air every day, your body will feel more alive and your defenses will be mobilized. Natural light releases serotonin. Serotonin is a messenger substance and a natural mood enhancer! Natural light is important for the production of vitamin D and strengthens our bones. That’s why you should catch some air even on rainy days!

Sufficient Relaxation

An ever faster environment that demands a lot from the body. Treat yourself to a break and enjoy the peace and quiet. When the body is energized, there is an imbalance between body and mind. Disturbances of the balance between tension and relaxation can lead to serious illnesses of the psyche and the body in the long run. Shift down a gear or two. Relaxation methods such as antigenic training or progressive muscle relaxation can help to establish a balance.


Sleep if a natural human need. In addition to eating and drinking, it is essential to life. Healthy sleep is the basis for development, well-being and health. During sleep, the body’s metabolism is reduced and repair mechanisms are used. The body requires enough sleep to regenerate. Not getting enough sleep increases the risk of developing certain diseases. But too much sleep is not healthy either. The healthy golden mean is around 7-8 hours a day.

A Positive View Of Life

If you think positively, you have better-coping strategies! Anyone who simply says “yes” exposes themselves to less stress and protects the immune system. Laugh at yourself and be calm. Be open to other people and their experiences. Be flexible. In this way you don’t get caught up in a single pattern of life, learn new things and offer your brain exciting incentives!