6 Tips Against Fatigue

Published on 08/15/2021

To recharge your batteries and wake you up during periods of tiredness and exhaustion, there are a few things that can help you overcome tiredness. We present you the most effective tips against fatigue.

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6 Tips Against Fatigue


Ventilation has two advantages that help against tiredness. On the one hand, the oxygen content in the room increases (or the exhaled carbon dioxide decreases) and, on the other hand, the cooler temperature of the fresh air creates a cold stimulus that has an invigorating effect. This is why it is important to open the windows, or better yet, go out and take a short walk. The fresh air clears your head and activates your energy reserves. 15 minutes is enough, and you will feel more lively afterward. The short change of scenery also helps with creative blockages.

Power Nap

A short power nap can actually work wonders. Lie down briefly for about 10-20 minutes to recharge your batteries. You will feel fresh and full of energy afterward. Make sure, however, that you do not sleep longer than 30 minutes. If you sleep too long, the body falls into a deep sleep phase. The effect: when you are awake again, you will feel even more tired.

Drink Enough

Drinking a lot of water is not only healthy, it also helps against fatigue. If you drink too little, the metabolic processes in the body slow down, and you feel powerless. So drink about 1.5 to 2 liters a day to stay hydrated. Also, make sure that the drinks are not sugary and start your day with water right away. If you drink half a liter of water in the morning, you will wake up faster and the remaining amount of water can be better distributed throughout the day.

Targeted Concentration

Those who work very concentrated without breaks get tired faster than someone who builds small rest periods into their day. Compared to other organs, the brain requires an above-average amount of energy. 20 percent of the energy goes to the thinking muscle and even more under stress. Small recovery phases help with regeneration. Enjoy a distraction, or consciously take time out to take a deep breath. Switch on flight mode on your mobile phone and slow down with a cup of tea or whatever is good for you.

The Right Humidity

Humidity can also increase tiredness. If the humidity is too high, it quickly becomes oppressive. On the other hand, if the air is too dry, the mucous membranes are irritated and the body dehydrates faster. The optimal humidity in rooms should be between 40 to 60 percent. Plants help to increase the humidity in rooms and dehumidifiers with granulate mixtures are already available for little money.


Sunlight releases the stimulant serotonin and reduces the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Take advantage of the sun and go for a walk for a moment. A walk also acts as a pick-me-up due to the movement and fresh air.