How To Integrate Sports Easier Into Your Everyday Life

Published on 01/06/2022

There are so many reasons why we should be physically active in our everyday life: Sport makes us happy and improves our quality of life; Sport keeps us fit, increases our body awareness and our self-confidence. Sport gives us energy and helps prevent many diseases and pain; and in general, sport is the best mental balance for every stressful everyday life. Unfortunately, it is often anything but easy to make sport an integral part of our everyday life. We have a few tips for you that will make it easier for you to integrate sports in your busy everyday life.

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How To Integrate Sports Easier Into Your Everyday Life

A Sport That You Enjoy

Does the thought of slipping into your running shoes awaken pure anticipation in you? Can’t wait to roll out your yoga mat? Or do you only feel really alive when playing basketball? There are sports that are fun – and for which you will want to free up time in your busy schedule.

A Time That Suits You

With the right training time for you, it will be easier for you to stick with it. Not just the question “early bird or night owl?” plays a role here. What is your day-to-day family and work-life like? And is your favorite sport tied to a fixed time (e.g. opening times for swimming pools or fitness studios)? Scan your personal preferences and think about what your week usually looks like. In this way, your training will find a permanent place in your everyday life in the future.

A Date With Your Friend

Doing sport together is fun, connects and is more binding. Whether regular yoga sessions together in the living room or bike tours in nature. Ask around in your circle of friends, you are sure to find a “partner in crime”.

Better Short Than Nothing

“No time” is the most common argument (or the excuse;)) ! Sport should help us against constant stress. Remember: Everyday sport does not mean doing gymnastics on the mat for hours every day or swimming laps in the swimming pool. An intense 10-minute workout is the perfect sports unit on many days to strengthen and calmly face your everyday life.

Not To Much Pressure

It does not always have to be from 0 to 100 – on the contrary. After all, you want to balance yourself with sport and not integrate an additional stress factor into your life. If you overwhelm yourself, the chance increases that you will eventually give up in frustration. Start slowly and work your way up if you want more. Listen to your body’s needs and be honest with yourself. A walk instead of jogging may therefore be a better choice on some days.

On Your Way To Work

Have you ever thought about cycling to work or jogging the way to work? Many reject this due to the lack of a shower. But we think that this can be the ideal way to integrate sports into your busy everyday life.