6 Fitness Tips For Beginners

Published on 06/01/2022

You have finally decided to bring more movement into your life. You want to get fitter and more efficient and finally feel comfortable in your body. This also means that from now on there are no more excuses that could prevent you from your successful path. The 10 fitness tips for beginners will help you with this.

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6 Fitness Tips For Beginners


There are bound to be a variety of reasons why you might want to start exercising. Maybe you want to lose weight and become more efficient. You want to improve your figure and build muscle. Maybe you are more interested in improving your endurance and becoming more efficient in everyday life. No matter what reasons drive you, keep them clear to yourself so that you don’t lose your motivation. The fitness tips for beginners will also help.

Get Enough Sleep

Athletes who struggle to build muscle are often not able to regenerate as well as other athletes. If you don’t get enough sleep every night, it will severely hamper your progress. It should be at least seven, better eight hours of sleep. Training again before the end of the recovery phase will put even more strain on the body and prevent muscle growth – that’s not the goal. Break, rest, regenerate and build muscle is the motto!


The second point is closely related to the first. In order not to lose motivation, it is important to set goals. Make sure that you formulate them specifically and concretely. Align them with different periods of time and set and visualize short-, medium- and long-term goals accordingly. Imagine how you will look and feel in three, six or twelve months!

Don’t Forget To Warm Up

Always start with warming up the muscles first, since warm muscles with a good blood supply can absorb stimuli from exertion more quickly. Use one of the many cardio machines to warm up in your gym. A skipping rope or jumping jack exercises are ideal for at home, so that the entire body is warmed up quickly and blood circulation is improved. Another effective and additional warm-up method is that you do 1-2 very easy sets of 15-20 repetitions for the initial exercise. For example, bench press with the empty bar. Such warm-up sets or exercises can save you from painful injuries or muscle tears.

Regeneration And Relaxation

In the meantime, it has been known that muscle building can only develop sustainably if there is sufficient time for regeneration. Therefore, always wait at least 48 hours or even more (which is especially recommended for beginners) before you intensively train the same muscle again. Sufficient sleep is also important for regeneration, since the regeneration of the muscles is most effective in a long-lasting deep sleep. Remember that the muscle does not grow during training, but in the phase in which you regenerate, i.e. recover.

Healthy Diet

Muscles grow particularly quickly with an effective combination of training and nutrition! Always make sure you eat high-quality food, which consists of sufficient protein (fish, meat, eggs, low-fat dairy products and protein powder), carbohydrates (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal) and lots of vegetables and healthy fats (coconut oil, olive oil, almonds).